Voiceover Talent



Who is Scott?

A lifelong performer, Scott is an American male voice actor with 15+ years of experience as working voice over talent. He’s also been a musician (singer / programmer), and a marketer in the Silicon Valley tech scene. Nowadays, he’s behind the mics day and night and does normally short- and mid-form work: corporate and commercial, also character and promo reads.

How soon can we (you) record?

Same-day auditions and bookings on 12-72 hours’ notice are standard practice. Just email your sides or script with specs.

Where is Scott located?

Based in Northern California, Scott works for producers and clients all over the world, and across time zones regularly from home studios in San Francisco and the Sierra Nevada mountains. Otherwise, he works onsite at dedicated commercial studios in the Bay Area and Los Angeles as needed.

Union status?


Scott regularly converts non-union work to union via his paymaster. With some types of work e.g. IVR, Internet or other non-broadcast projects, it’s a very simple process.

ISDN? Source-Connect?

Yes. For live-directed sessions Scott uses Source-Connect (Pro / Now) with ISDN bridging partners as needed, also ipDTL, Skype and basic phone patches.

Other studio specs?

ISO: Custom-built vocal booth, ~STC 52
Mics: Sennheiser 416, Neumann U87AI with InnerTube option
Rigging: Revelation 600 series hardware
I/O: Digi002R Rev H, Black Lion Audio Signature Series mod
DAW: Avid ProTools Studio 2022 via iMac Pro
Private network (hidden, VPN); ProRemote LE & ProTransport
Bandwidth: mbps (up/down) 17/588
External quiet drives, local and remote backups; E2E encrypted
Mobile (rarely): Centrance Mixerface / MicPort Pro via iPad / MacBook
100% paperless workflow
Electricity generated strictly via renewables
Carbon-negating web host

Listening / direction? Editing / post?

Live-directed sessions work just like conference calls which happen to be getting recorded, with playback options available mid-way through if/as needed. Alternatively, Scott can roll self-directed. Buyers’ preferences vary so he regularly works both ways, also sometimes covers editing / QA to deliver finished, broadcast-quality voice tracks. Not mixing or full production, though. He can’t mix his way out of a paper bag.

Contracts, insurance etc.?

NDAs are routine. Subterreign Media (Scott’s parent company) carries liability coverage that normally meets or exceeds clients’ requirements. Moreover, he’s able to meet the needs of those with even the strictest of security protocols, including those in spaces such as finance, healthcare and government who need to maintain compliance with standards like HIPAA, FINRA and GDPR.


As requirements vary job-to-job and sometimes Scott provides editing / post / QA in addition to performances, every job’s custom quoted and negotiated, but always clearly and competitively. Please get in touch to discuss your needs. Looking forward to connecting!

Invoicing, payments?

After jobs have been completed, in cases where Scott was booked through representation, they handle these areas. Otherwise, Scott’s billings are normally handled by Falcon Paymasters but he can also bill jobs via his own system if needed, in which case he’ll report such earnings to the guild via annual income statements each tax season.

Scott Reyns on Voice Acting in Games AMA

NB!!! Early Access for one of the games I’ve worked on this year will be coming out in a few days. It’s an MMORPG and this afternoon I just received an Early Access code. It’s for playing the game via Steam

– GamingAMA