Voice Actor


Can I hear an audition same-day?

Standard practice. Just email your sides or script and brief project description.

Union or Non-Union?

Scott can work both kinds of projects.

Where is Scott based?

Though he is currently based in San Francisco, he works for producers and clients all over the world and across time zones regularly, usually from his home studio. Otherwise, he works onsite at dedicated commercial studios in the Bay Area and flies down to Los Angeles, where he was previously based, for bookings as needed.

ISDN? Source Connect?

Yes. For live-directed sessions Scott uses Source-Connect (Pro / Now) with ISDN bridging partners as needed, also ipDTL, Skype and basic phone patches.

Other studio specs?

ISO: Custom-built vocal booth, ~STC 52
Mics: Sennheiser 416, Neumann U87AI with InnerTube option
Rigging: Revelation 600 series hardware
I/O: Digi002R Rev H, Black Lion Audio Signature Series mod
DAW: Avid ProTools 2018 via iMac Pro
Private network; wired, ProRemote LE & ProTransport via wifi
Bandwidth: mbps (up/down) 12/478
External quiet drives, local and remote backups; E2E encrypted
Mobile (rarely): MicPort Pro / iAudioInterface 2 via MacBook / iPad
100% paperless workflow

Can I listen to / direct the recording?

Absolutely. Live sessions work just like conference calls. Alternatively, Scott can roll self-directed. Buyers’ preferences vary so he regularly works both ways, also sometimes covers editing / QA to deliver finished, broadcast-quality voice tracks. Not mixing or full production, though. He can’t mix his way out of a paper bag.


Every job’s custom quoted and negotiated, but always competitively. Please get in touch to discuss your needs. Looking forward to connecting!