Commercial Voiceovers & Narrations by Scott Reyns

About Scott Reyns, Male Voice Over Talent

Value That Won't Waste Your Time or Budget.

Did you know it's been shown that simply changing the voice in a given advertisement can dramatically boost its effectiveness? With Scott you'll get a regularly working actor who's behind the mics daily, with his own studio, global availability and service, and rapid turnarounds at competitive rates.

More than just another freelancer. A partner.

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Scott's voice talents and skills have been leveraged by a range of projects both broadcast and non-broadcast.

Whether it's for a TV/radio commerical, online training presentation, promotional piece or other project type, task a professional voice actor to the job.

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"Scott was great to work with, very professional... the right voice for our project."
— Jake Barlow | Creative Director, MTVN, Nickelodeon Games Group
"Scott provided voice over; ADR work: This was a Lionsgate distributed major Spanish movie being re-recorded in English for distribution in Asia. His contribution was invaluable."
— Sashi Chimala | Director, Well Done Ventures
"I hired Scott for the first time in 1999 and have worked with him on many voice over projects since. He is very responsive and flexible both on startup and Fortune 100 client projects."
— Gregory Levinson | Principal, Streetsmart
"...for videos shown in France at Midem Music Congress. Did a superlative job - fast, efficient, very easy to communicate with. Contracted him again this year; same successful result."
— Casey Conroy | Owner / Partner, weareFlex
"Scott has done a few rather complex voice over projects for us. He is professional, efficient and meets deadlines. I highly recommend Scott and his work."
— Chad Myers | CEO, Mind inFormation
"Great to work with. Incredibly professional and committed to delivering results even when we had several changes to our original project. He was pleasant throughout. I'd recommend."
— John Mansour | Development and Marketing Officer, DAI
"Very personable and professional. He improvised; went out of his way, made the final outcome better than what we'd envisaged. We'll definitely use him in future projects."
— Sashi Chimala | Director, Well Done Ventures
"He gives excellent product quality at a fair price, and has the ability to take direction well and change delivery style on a dime if needed."
— Gregory Levinson | Principal, Streetsmart
"We appreciated Scott's dedication to quality and attention to deadlines."
— Sandie Barrie Blackley | Co-Founder, Lexercise
"His voice was a perfect fit for the role. He was punctual and delivered more than what was expected. He was flexible during the recording sessions. I highly recommend him."
— Sashi Chimala | Director, Well Done Ventures
"His ability to read technical materials in a natural and welcoming way made his voice overs stand out. I highly recommend Scott for practically any voice over project."
— Gregory Levinson | Principal, Streetsmart