Scott Reyns's Studio

Scott Reyns' Voice Over Talent Studio: ISO Booth

State of the Art. No Frills. No Compromises.

Serving globally out of San Francisco, Scott's positioned for high-availability audio performance and production work with industry standards throughout the delivery chain, plus a couple special twists for a calculated mix of new and old school technology. He works largely from his home studios, also onsite at others as called and occasionally from the road: On whole running a paperless, integrated and optimized workflow using mobile devices and apps, secure cloud services and more.

Primary (Home) Config:

  • ISO: Custom-built vocal booth, ~STC 52
  • Mics: Sennheiser 416, Neumann U87AI with InnerTube option
  • Rigging: Revelation 600 series hardware
  • I/O: Digi002R Rev H, Black Lion Audio Signature Series mod
  • DAW: Avid ProTools 2018 via iMac Pro
  • Comms: Source-Connect (ISDN), ipDTL, Skype (phone patch)
  • Private network; wired, ProRemote LE & ProTransport via wifi
  • Bandwidth: mbps (up/down) 12/478
  • External quiet drives, local and remote backups; encrypted
Scott Reyns' Voice Over Talent Studio: Control Room

Secondary (Mobile):