Frequently Asked Questions About Scott Reyns, Voice Actor

FAQ About Scott Reyns, Male Voice Over Talent

Q: Is Scott an Agent, Casting Director, Producer or Coach?

A: If only he were qualified! Alas, he's just an actor with a private home studio he uses for daily auditions and most bookings. On request and with caution and discretion he'll occasionally moonlight as an editor: Top producers, editors and engineers are both very good and very fast whereas Scott can't mix his way out of a paper bag; he doesn't rent out his home studio or make demos etc.

"VO-curious?" Feel free to check out resources here.

Q: Who has Scott voiced things for?

A: Many different brands across different industries; most VO work is commercial, done at high volume and velocity so per that and other reasons a list is not published here. He'd have few if any conflicts; otherwise ifya really wanna know just get in touch!

Q: Rates?

Every project’s unique; custom-quoted and negotiated. While he often does one-offs, most of Scott's work is on term or ongoing service contracts; relatively regular sessions like weekly or monthly increments else campaigns involving multiple spots. Equivalent of "LA Scale" +10% is common as he's based in San Francisco (higher cost of living than LA), also Non-Union, so doesn't get union benefits like health insurance, pension and so on.

Please request a quote / audition; feel free to attach your sides or script and needs a-la

• Budget & timeline
• Placement: Broadcast (Radio/TV) or Non-Broadcast (all else)
• Content length: Runtime (h:m:s) or script upload / word count
• Usage term, scope: a-la N weeks in markets X, Y and Z etc.
• Process: Live (remote/onsite) vs. self-directed session(s)
• Deliverable: Original recordings or finished edits (etc.)

Q: Availability?

Regularly, Scott provides auditions and/or quotes same-day else overnight. Bookings for current clients are typically handled within 12-24 hours, and for new clients within 24-72 hours of auditioning. Click here for Scott's availability calendar.

Q: How does the recording process work?

A: If your project will be recorded at a studio of your choosing in the Bay Area (or for larger jobs in Los Angeles), just let Scott know which one and when he'll be needed; schedules aligning he'll see you then and there. Once upon a time VO work was never done from home studios, and he's happy to get out of his when he can.

Otherwise, he'll perform from his home digs and you'll be able to direct him live via either of these means:

• VOIP/ISDN: For lower-end VOIP, Scott can patch Skype or ipDTL calls into his sessions. For higher-end, Scott has Source-Connect Pro, certified, from which he can bridge to ISDN if/as needed.

• Traditional phone patches

Alternatively, it's not generally recommended but Scott can in select cases perform and record self-directed.

Q: How is product delivered?

A: When Scott's deliverable is audio files, unless directed to do otherwise he makes them available via his cloudspace. He'll do this, with markers as importable MIDI tracks and corresponding text logs included, in the wake of any sessions during which he was directed by ipDTL, Skype or phone patch. For Source-Connect/ISDN sessions the streaming audio is the deliverable, but he'll still record locally as a safety and send such session archives upon request.

Q: Confidentiality, Security, Exclusivity?

A: All modern technical protocols (AES, SSL, VPN) are supported throughout Scott's delivery chain, and all direct communications (including auditions and quotes) are mutually confidential by default. Often handled quickly and easily via digital signatures, Scott's contracts cover exclusivity / non-competition vs. non-exclusivity considerations as appropriate per account.

Q: Payments?

A: Scott prefers major cryptocurrencies, direct deposits via bank transfer (ACH, clearXchange) else checks. He can also accept credit cards, PayPal and wire transfers.