Commercial Voiceovers & Narrations by Scott Reyns

About Scott Reyns, Male Voice Over Talent

Full-Time Talent That Won't Waste Your Time or Budget.

Did you know that marketers have demonstrated how simply changing the voice in a given advertisement can dramatically boost its effectiveness? Did you know working voice actors spend ~75% of their time competing for billable work (marketing and auditioning), 10% actually doing it, and the rest on practicing, training, administrative tasks and studio maintenance? How about that voice talent has historically lived off residuals instead of session fees, or that technology has both revolutionized production and attracted "VO-curious" amateurs looking to tap your project budget for what they assume will be quick n' easy cash?

With Scott, you'll get a seasoned, regularly working pro who's behind the mics daily. He has his own studio, flexible process and rates, and you'll get product that won't just sound "good enough." Let's partner together and make something that sounds great.

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Scott's voice talents and skills have been leveraged by a range of projects both broadcast and non-broadcast.

Whether it's for a TV/radio commerical, online training presentation, promotional piece or other project type, task a professional voice actor to the job.

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